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With the huge range of choices available, wallpaper can mix lightness, colour and atmosphere to suit your exact taste and style. To carry this off, you need a high quality finish with every piece of paper impeccably hung. Nexus painters and decorators are masters of seamless pattern matching and smooth wallpaper application, so you can choose your look, sit back and enjoy the transformation.

Our wallpaper hanging method

  • First we strip off the existing wallpaper
  • We fill the wall where necessary and ‘make good’ the wall surface
  • Sanding ensures that the surface is smooth
  • Good preparation will result in a higher quality finish
  • The wallpaper is now pasted and stuck to the wallWallrock fiber liner Plus 180

Applying fiber liner to the wall

  • Fiber liner hides any imperfections on the wall
  • It’s faster and therefore cheaper than replastering
  • The wall is stripped and prepared
  • Fiber liner is then hung on the wall
  • This evens out the wall providing a perfect surface for the wallpaper to adhere to


Wallrock Thermal Liner (also known as Wallrock Thermal Liner Natural) has been specially developed to offer a combination of features:

  • Thermal insulation and energy saving for walls and ceilings Great cover for damaged walls – at 3.2 mm thick it’s perfect for covering damaged and textured walls
  • Mould Prevention – Thermal Liner allows walls to breathe and raises the room temperature meaning it will help to combat mould growth
  • Sound insulation – improves acoustics thanks to its high degree of noise and sound absorption – not its main strength though
  • Great surface for paint or paste-the-wall wallpapersWallpapering Installation

Independent test results – British Board of Agrement (BBA)

“When Wallrock Thermal Liner is applied to a solid wall dwelling with a U Value of 2.1 W/m2K the resulting U Value is improved (i.e. reduced) to 1.79 W/m2K. This represents a saving of 15% in the static heat loss. Its Thermal Resistance has been measured at 0.0821 m2K/W.” To view the full document, please click here.

We use the latest tools and technology available to prevent damage to the wall. We often hear people say they have removed half the wall with the paper! In older properties there may be many layers of paper providing a history from days gone by. These types of projects require care and time to remove as the paper is often not dry-strippable.

We always clear up after ourselves and ensure your home is treated with the care and respect we would want our own homes treating.