Hand Painted Kitchens

Professionally Hand Painted Kitchens

Hand painted kitchen

If you’re looking to have a hand painted kitchen, whether you’re going down the route of a new installation, a repaint or would like to have your existing wooden kitchen, hand painted, consider a professional furniture painter to carry out your project.

Correct preparation of kitchen units will not only provide a high-quality finish on your hand painted kitchen but will also see it in good stead for many years of daily use. Painting over grease for example, will cause the paint to fail prematurely and your beautifully painted kitchen will soon look tired. Without extensive preparation, including cleaning, degreasing and thorough abrasion, the end result would be substandard. Preparation doesn’t stop at the beginning of a kitchen-painting project though; it is also essential that every coat of paint is sanded smooth. This sanding creates a dust that needs to be removed by vacuum and finally with a tack cloth. Ensuring to collect every grain of dust from every nook and cranny is vital to achieve the finish that your kitchen deserves.

Newly hand painted Kitchens have the power to transform even the dullest kitchen into something outstanding. Paint can create a dramatic effect where there are currently only plain wooden cabinets. Simply tie in new cabinets to your existing color scheme.

We paint and repaint luxury bespoke kitchens for manufactures and designers, but our other specialty is transforming tired wooden kitchens. With meticulous and thorough preparation, we can refurbish your existing kitchen cabinets to a showroom standard.